On the road to financial freedom

I needed the extra money but I didn’t expect it to be so smooth.

I joined Medium a few months ago with the intent to just write because I wanted to build my skill. Then, I found out about the Medium Partner Program.

I get to build my writing skills…

Has the theory that existed for over a 100 years now become a possibility?

So many movies like The Avengers, Interstellar, and the likes, explore the possibilities of time travel. It gives room for hope and it almost makes you ask the question “how hard can time travel be?”.

The whole concept of time travel is a brilliant idea when properly explored. Even though…

Social media has become a great tool today for developing skills, acquiring information, and building a career. I think, it all spans from the fact that people can speak their minds without any sort of physical judgment.

A major role social media is acting as is a channel for creating…

As you grow older, you start to have big dreams and want more things in life. and the moment you get the things you prayed and wished for so bad, you start to want another thing. …

I have seen a lot of people start a business and have not been able to sustain it. And the truth is starting a business takes both your time and money. it is not a walk in the park.

And honestly, this is entirely understandable because starting a business that…

No one is coming to help you.

Just recently, I read the story of the 28-year old woman that was stabbed to death outside of her apartment in New York. The theory was officially recognized after her murder. And,

Even though it was something that could have been totally avoided. It wasn’t, and she died. But,


“One of the easiest things to do, is make money online”

This is a statement I have heard a lot of people say and when you ask them how, they never really give you details, like a step-by-step instruction.

So I find the statement somewhat annoying.

They just say some things that don’t make sense and expect you to be okay…

Perfection is nothing but an illusion, so stop.

The obsession of trying to get something right or perfect is not talked about enough.

I had this perfect concept in my mind that I could not execute, because not only was it not possible, it didn’t exist.

So, I was obsessing over an idea. Something that wasn’t real.


What happens when your favorite person dies?

I know the rule of science that says “all living things must die, it is the circle of life”. But that’s not enough. There has to be more.

Even though one of the most unavoidable things in life, is death. Whenever I think of death, the finality is crippling. And…

Maybe life is a ripple effect after all.

Life has a funny way of catching up with us. …

Desola Banjo

Copywriter and writer.

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