Is Time Travel Possible?

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So many movies like The Avengers, Interstellar, and the likes, explore the possibilities of time travel. It gives room for hope and it almost makes you ask the question “how hard can time travel be?”.

The whole concept of time travel is a brilliant idea when properly explored. Even though it is not as easy as the time-travel fiction movies have made most of us think, it is an actual possibility.

Watching a lot of time travel and space movies made me interested in this concept. So I decided to do my research just to know if there is even a slight possibility.

After doing my research, I came up with two answers. Yes, time travel is possible and No time travel is not possible.

Let us explore the whole concept together in easy terms starting from what is called “the twin paradox effect”.

Time travel is theoretically possible and there have been theories to back up this claim like the twin paradox effect. Even though this theory has only remained a theory for the last few years.

The twin paradox effect is an experiment in special relativity. Before it gets too complicated, I’ll explain what the theory of special relativity is.

Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity is an explanation of how a change in an object’s speed affects measurements of its time, space, and mass.

This is simply saying that whatever speed you or an object decides to move at would relatively affect the rate at which time is moving. So if you decided to start running right now, you would get to the bus stop faster than if you decided to walk.

That act in itself is the relativity of time.

In the twin paradox effect, 2 people are twins and look exactly alike. They are named A and B. A remains on earth, which is termed “at rest” while B travels into space for a journey that is 20 light-years away, at the speed of light. They were 30 years old before B went on this journey, and B travels at the speed of light or near the speed of light.

20 years later, B has gotten back from his journey. The twins are technically supposed to be 50 years right? But only A has aged for 20 years and B only aged for 2 years.

What happened really?

This is what was explained as the twin paradox effect that means, because B is traveling at a faster speed, he will likely experience time slower and very differently from his brother A who is at rest.

And this is because of the theory of special relativity that states that time is relative depending on how fast you are moving. This has a major effect on A and B. So this theory is saying -the faster you move, the slower time becomes for you.

So because A was on the earth and was “at rest”, time moved slower for him which had an effect on his body, and he aged faster than his brother that was moving through the same period of time but at a much faster rate.

Now the thing to note is, for twin A he has experienced 20 years but for twin B, he has only experienced 2 years because he moved through 20 years at a speed that reduced the time to 2 years for him.

So, it can be said that B traveled through 20 years in 2 years because he was moving very fast (speed of light or near speed of light).

The big question “Is time travel possible?” remains unanswered and just before we get there, we’ll explore the possibilities and answer the question ourselves.

More than 100 years ago, a famous scientist named Albert Einstein came up with an idea about how time works. He called it relativity. This theory says that time and space are linked together. Einstein also said our universe has a speed limit: nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

After establishing the fact that light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. Nothing with mass can travel that fast, because the more speed one travels within time, the heavier they become.

This would mean that as an object or a body approaches the speed of light or near speed of light, the energy that the object would require to keep its body in motion would be increased to infinity.

This argument has been around for a long time and they have made progress. Years ago, it was discovered that photons travel at the speed of light and this is because photons are light particles that have no mass.

So you have come this far, now what do you think?

Is the Twin paradox theory possible? Knowing well that Is there even a possibility for an object or humans to travel at the speed or near the speed of light?



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